Panelb B2B Dealer Module
Despite the fact that this system is created for using in the office, you can use it in any place where there is an Internet access. This new system is developed due to request of agencies improving all the limitations of existing dealer systems.
In the Airline tab there are many options, such as easy using, various methods of payment and profit, various language and currency options, installments options, the possibility of instant determination of the cost service and the possibility of selecting several destinations. The system is not only for selling flight tickets.
International flights via Panelb:
With the Galileo substructure, you can sell tickets for flights of all international airlines.
İntercity flights via Panelb:
You can choose and sell flight tickets of Turkish Airlines (THY), Sunexpress, AtlasGlobal and Anadolujet.
            in addition to flight tickets, you can use such services as hotel reservations, car rental, transfer, insurance, cruises, domestic and international tours, sightseeing tours, concert tickets, etc.


You can organize flight search in real time and sell tickets to customers (B2C) via your website using the XML service provided from us by You can organize a search, payment screen and a screen of results on your website by yourseft.
You can sell international flight tickets of all airlines and intercity tickets for Turkish Airlines, Anadolujet, AtlasGlobal and Sunexpress via XML Web service.
Our product is XML B2C
Examples of XML sites:  
XML Working Models:
If you pay,
You can work by integrating your virtual POS in the system. If you want to work with this type of working model, you should pay us in advance. You are going to have a credit in your system as much as the payment you made and you can sell tickets for this credit.
If we pay,
You do not have to deal with any bank. Our deal with bank is integrated into the virtual POS system and you can sell by Bonus, World, Maximum, Cardfinans and Axess cards with installments we have agreed upon. There is also no credit defined for this system. Commissions you have earn will transfer to your bank account in 15 days.
Widget - Iframe Module:
You can sell flight tickets by adding the widget code given by the system to your web site without making any special software.
The feature that distinguishes the widget from existing iFrames is that you can change the color and size of the search image in your own web site as you like. Flight inquiry, ticket arrangement, payment and results pages are fixed. The system is prepared for someone who is going to buy tickets from the internet on the first time, thats why it has a very practical use.
Widget code installed on your site with Amadeus infrastructure
Web-page examples using Widget Code:  
Required Documents for Membership:
Tursab Certificate (Photocopy)
Application Form (Original)
Agency Agreement (Original)
Signature Circulars (Photocopy)
Passports of signatories  (Photocopy)
Tax Label (Photocopy)