Barsan Tourism which is a member of TÜRSAB (Association of Travel Agencies in Turkey), a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), an executive agency of Turkish Airlines, has been providing reliable services to the customers since 2003.

Barsan Tourism is expanding day by day due to its efficient, dynamic and reliable staff: it provides long-distance and international flight tickets, visa support and many other services for economic traveling. The dealer agency Panelb, developed by Barsan Tourism, provides several displays on a one page, so that sub-agencies can access all services by one click.

Barsan Tourism’s sub-agencies can use all services for long-distance and international flight ticket sales, booking hotels around the world, car rental, transfer and other services via one system.

You can provide all agency services and sales on one screen. As a new generation of dealer service, Panelb offers fast, reliable, practical and easy-to-use system that allows you to sell services in the most convenient and easy way. Moreover, you can sell all services via the system without signing agreements with banks, just making contributions to the post offices with whom we work.

The Panelb system has a wide range of services. You can view all reports on the sold services via online system. In addition, as a regional dealer, you can present this system to your sub-dealers and create your own internal system.

Instead of tracking schedules, cheap flights, VIP services, transfers, car rentals, charter flights and campaigns from dıfferent web-pages, you can find them all in the Panelb system.

You can offer your services safety with alternative payment options such as credit card, prepaid account, virtual POS, etc.

Please contact our representative in order to learn and test the Panelb franchise agency system that will allow you to sell all the touristic services quickly.